Young entrepreneur launches new ecommerce business

Fuelled by passion for motocross

Mirfield-born entrepreneur Jack Stead has launched, a new ecommerce website designed and developed by Vizulate Digital, fuelled by his passion for motocross racing.

Jack Stead of JTMXWith a constantly expanding product range, JTMX will retail motocross accessories, apparel and selected mechanical parts to motocross enthusiasts and competitive racers across the UK.

Commenting on his business venture, Jack, 20, said:

“Our USP will be providing packaged bundles of essential items that will very much appeal to motocross riders. The bundles we offer are based on my own experiences and buying requirements as a competitive rider.

“Selling packaged bundles enables us to offer the customer better value for money and an easy and efficient online shopping experience, so I am confident they will hit the mark.”

Explaining what drove him to set up the business, he added:

“I’ve been riding in motocross events since I was 12 and only recently stopped competing, so combining my passion for the sport with my business acumen to launch JTMX has been a dream come true.

“The business has launched just in time for the 2018 motocross season, and we hope to capitalise on this with strong initial sales.”

JTMX will initially focus on selling a range of motocross bike accessories and consumables, with product lines expanded to clothing and additional items later this year.

JTMX E-Commerce Website

Scott Brant, operations director at Vizulate Digital, oversaw the website design and build. He added:

“We work with many entrepreneurs and SMEs launching online, but Jack’s entrepreneurial spirit on this project has been more than infectious.

“We are confident that this, combined with his extensive knowledge of motocross, will ensure the business is a great success.”