Why every small business needs a great website

Small businesses are more likely to spend their money on low-value advertising instead of pursuing a solid brand and investing in a strong online presence through their websites and social media profiles. But, in today’s digital age, a good website design is imperative for small businesses to get noticed.

Here are some reasons why small businesses need a great website design:

First Impressions

Aesthetics are important in almost every aspect of marketing, and this particularly goes for the design of your website. In today’s society, the appearance of things, whether it be the design of your website or the design of your physical shop are vital to whether they will be successful or not – and subsequently, if the website will generate leads or not.

A website that has ill-fitting colours, inappropriate fonts, and difficult navigation will not give a good first impression to potential customers, therefore you’re likely to risk losing a customer if the appearance of your website isn’t up to scratch.

Good website design builds trust  

For some reason, when we see a great website design that impresses us we instantly believe it is a reputable brand, even without knowing much about the business. It is unclear why a good website design builds trust, but it is something small businesses should absolutely harness. When a consumer feels like they can trust a brand, they will create an emotional attachment towards it, which will encourage them to share the business with their friends and family.

Having a great website design communicates to customers that you understand that an investment in your own brand is ultimately an investment in the customer too. The same goes for a website that is easy to navigate and contains relevant and important information, as this will make customers feel appreciated.

Good website design (and development) impacts search results

Good web design and development is known to elevate your position in the search results and encourages potential leads. This means that disregarding a good website design can have detrimental effects on who finds your business on Google. For example, if your website is slow and doesn’t load quickly, then Google will recommend other pages before yours.

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Making yourself accessible

Good design is imperative for every brand, but the most crucial thing is to make sure your business is easily accessible to your customers.

Business services should be uncomplicated, the mission clear and the website should be easy to navigate. The number one goal is to make it easy for your customer to buy and engage, and a great website design makes this much more likely.

If you’re a business looking to improve your online presence, we can design and develop great looking, powerful websites that drive revenue for your business and streamline your processes.

We focus on the users’ experience and make their purchasing decisions and buying journey as simple as possible. And, by using tried and tested secure payment gateways, your customers can buy from you knowing their personal and financial details remain safe.

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