Which social media platform should you use for B2B advertising?

There are so many social media channels available to promote your business on, but which one should you go for? Should you channel your energy into every platform? Or just the one? This article will talk you through how to decide what social platform is right for your business.

Every social media platform is different, and they are used to post certain content. Here is a quick summary of the four major social media platforms:

  • Facebook is mainly used for sharing pictures of family, holidays, and connecting with friends.
  • LinkedIn is for making professional connections in relation to your career or business.
  • Twitter is a place to share random thoughts and opinions (not trolling!).
  • Instagram is for posting selfies and pictures of your pets, food, clothes and any other interests you might have!

However, they all have one thing in common – they are people-based platforms, and they all provide a number of opportunities to reach your audience.

For this blog, we will focus on the two advertising platforms offered by LinkedIn and Facebook, and what platform might be best for your business.

LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Both Facebook and LinkedIn provide many ways to advertise your business. However, since Facebook has a larger user base, your ads may reach more people. With Facebook, you can also target your audience based on more personalised information like behaviour & interests. Although, LinkedIn offers its own targeting capabilities too.

For both platforms you can target people based on job title,  company, location, and age, but you can usually dig a little deeper on Facebook. However, recent data breaches by Facebook, and increasingly stricter Data Protection laws, are limiting the extent of personal information you can use to target your marketing campaigns.

If you’re targeting other businesses, it’s worth bearing in mind that the information on LinkedIn tends to be kept more up to date than the information on Facebook, which means you might get more accurate and reliable results if you are trying to reach a certain person or industry.

In terms of user intent, some people do believe that LinkedIn is a better platform for B2B markets because of its professional nature. However, people don’t stop being professional just because they are on Facebook. If a Facebook Ad is offering a solution to a work problem then you are still likely to click. It’s important, though, to make ads on Facebook fun and eye-catching, as it can sometimes be difficult to cut through the noise of Facebook and its content.

So, what platform is best for your business?

Which one your business chooses to use depends on what industry you are in and who you are trying to reach.

Of course, it’s always worth running trial campaigns to test which works best for you. Think about your audience, and where they are most likely to spend their time.

At Vizulate, we believe that online advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Unlike traditional media advertising, you’ll know exactly how many people see and interact with your ad, how many visited your website, who ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ your ad, and even who made an enquiry or purchase.

Setting up and getting the most out of these ad campaigns can be quite complex, but we have a proven track record in creating and maintaining online advertising campaigns that get results. If you are still unsure what platform you should be using, or you are interested in setting up Facebook or LinkedIn Ads, or both, getting a digital marketing agency like Vizulate to help you could be worthwhile.

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