What is a blog and why your business needs one

Even if you don’t know what a blog is, it’s very likely you’ve read one at some point in your life, without even realising it’s a blog.

For example, you may have stumbled across a blog when searching for the “best brownie recipe”.

And guess what, if you’re reading this now, you’re reading a blog!

If your business doesn’t have a blog, then you should be asking yourself ‘why?’. After all, blogs have been rated the fifth most trusted source of accurate online information.

Blogs are a great way of developing an online presence and can attract more leads to your site.

What exactly is a blog?

A blog can be its own website or a page on a website, it is a source for any kind of information you wish. For example, at Vizulate we write content based around digital marketing as we are a digital marketing agency. The content will answer questions, go through facts, or they will be opinion pieces.

What is a blog used for?

There are numerous reasons to use a blog:

  • To help your business rank well in the search engine result pages – This is a great, effective and long term solution to climbing the search engine rankings.
  • To share information about a certain topic – If you share blog content regularly, and it’s relevant and well-written, then slowly but surely you will be viewed as somewhat of an ‘expert’ in your industry.
  • To attract visitors to your site – If someone spots your blog post about a new product you’ve just launched and they take an interest, then you’re attracting new visitors to your site and ultimately new leads.
  • Create conversation with your audience – When your blog post is published, a great way to start a conversation with your audience is to share it on your social media platforms. If it’s a topic your followers are interested in, they are likely to share, like and comment.

If you are interested in starting a blog but you are strapped for time and feel you need help, then getting a digital marketing agency to help you could be worthwhile.

At Vizulate, we would work with you to create a steady stream of regular and relevant content that keeps your business in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

For more information on how we could help you, contact us here.

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