SEO & content marketing trends you need to know 

SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. The more relevant and polished content you create, the more likely it is that your content will rank highly in the search engine result pages. Below are 4 trends that will help elevate your content marketing, and also your ranking in the search engines. 

  • Write more long form content

More and more brands are discarding superficial content and opting for more in depth blogs and articles. This means that blogs and articles are becoming more comprehensive, researched and long. If you look at content marketing in the search engine result pages, it’s likely that the word count for this content is at least over 1000 words.

The reason this content is longer is because it’s full of facts, research, studies and statistics that help to bulk it out, and ultimately makes for a more interesting read.

  • Invest more time into the content creation process

Content marketers are now spending more time on the content creation process. This could involve: researching keywords and topics, planning the content, writing the content, optimising, editing, creating graphics for the content, and posting and promoting the content across multiple channels.

Spending more time on content creation is more likely to result in the content being a success with your audience, and therefore you’re likely to rank highly in the search engines.

  • Be more authentic and transparent

Authentic means to be original, and consumers are craving originality more than ever. Most brands probably think they’re being authentic, but most consumers believe that less than half of brands create content that resonates as authentic.

When creating content, make sure to stick to your brand’s promise and values, and create content that you know your audience will appreciate.

  • Don’t just blog

Blogging is really important when it comes to content marketing, and when you blog regularly with relevant content then you’re likely to rank higher in the search engine rankings. However, there is more to content marketing than just blogging.

More people are craving easy to digest content, and this is increasing the popularity of video and audio.

Although you shouldn’t stop blogging (it’s awesome), you should start to create short-form video content as well, so that your audience can digest information quicker. You also have the opportunity to be visually creative when creating a video. The more creative, the more likely you will show up higher in search engine rankings.

Creating content can be time consuming, so getting a digital marketing agency to help with all your content marketing needs could be worthwhile.

At Vizulate, we work with you to create a steady stream of regular and relevant content that keeps your business in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

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