Sammy Joins As Junior Web Developer

Welcome Sammy!

Vizulate is delighted to welcome our first apprentice, Samantha Gresty, to the team! Sammy, as she prefers to be known, has joined us on a 16 month development apprenticeship with a view to making the position permanent at the end of her training.

Speaking about the decision to take on the business’s first apprentice and why they chose Sammy, Vizulate Director Scott Brant said: “Since the start of the year we have seen an increase in new clients coming to us for web design and development work, as well as existing clients wanting to expand, develop or re-design their current websites. While we have always offered this service, our core business has been ongoing digital marketing.

“However, we have always known the instrumental role a good website plays in the success of any digital marketing strategy we carry out for our clients, and it’s great that these businesses are looking to invest in their online presence when so many others neglect it, so it was important that we added additional resource to help us meet the demand.

“We received lots of CVs for the position but only interviewed a few candidates. What impressed us most about Sammy was she’d taken the time to do a lot of self-learning in her own time – which showed us she was clearly passionate about a career in development.

“That passion has been evident since she joined us too, as though she has only been with us for 2 weeks, Sammy has proved to be a quick, and eager, learner – and she hasn’t even started her official apprenticeship course yet!”

We also asked Sammy a few questions about her career choice, the role, and advice she’d offer to others looking for a career in development and digital marketing.

What attracted you to the role at Vizulate?

“What attracted me to the role initially when I read the job spec was that the job not only would use and improve upon the skills that I had gained teaching myself at home but also would teach me new things that would help progress my career. The role became even more appealing after my initial interview because Scott and Mick gave me more information on the company and the role, the company sounded like a really nice place to work and the role sounded very interesting and sounded like a great opportunity to further my skills as a developer.”

How did you feel when you were offered the role?

“Having waited so long to find a career I was really passionate about I thought that I should be patient and wait for the perfect role rather than just jumping at the first job I can get. When the Vizulate job spec was sent to me not long into my search I was so happy that I found a job to apply for that I really wanted so quickly and when I was offered the job I felt so lucky to have been offered a job that sounded so perfect for me.”

What made you choose an apprenticeship over going to university or going straight into formal employment?

“Being 21 when I started looking for employment doing development, I found that people expected me to already have either experience or at least a qualification so after a few weeks of looking at entry level developer jobs it was clear that an apprenticeship would provide me with both relevant experience and a qualification.”

What made you want to pursue a career in development?

“I changed my mind on what career I wanted but I didn’t know what I wanted to do so my dad suggested that I start learning to develop websites to help him with the web side of his app he was developing, even if It turned out to be a hobby at least I would have a cool skill. After a few weeks I found myself becoming more passionate about learning new ways to make my test websites look better so I did some research into what I would need to learn to be a developer and started working on my skills from there.”

What are you most looking forward to learning over the next 16 months?

“I don’t think there is one specific thing I’m most excited to learn during my apprenticeship, I’m just very excited to keep expanding my skills and learn about new ways to develop. I am looking forward to improving upon my WordPress skills as after just a week of being in work I can see how powerful of a tool it is.”

What advice would you give to others like yourself, looking to pursue a career in development?

“I would say do your research and find out which path is best for you in terms of how much experience you have or whether you have any qualifications. I felt as though I wasted weeks looking at and sometimes applying for jobs that weren’t right as they were looking for someone with more than what I had when I could have been applying for apprenticeships, it worked out for me as I may not be in the role I am now but it was still time I could have put into something more useful if I’d just done some research in the beginning.”

Away from work Sammy enjoys being creative with cooking and baking, likes running, swimming, and playing badminton. She likes to relax and wind down by going on walks with her family and dogs.