My first 3 months at Vizulate Digital

Hi, I am Mollie and I’m the Digital Marketing Business Administrator at Vizulate Digital. I am 3 months into my university placement here at Vizulate, and I thought this would be a great time to tell everyone how I’m finding it so far.

Firstly, my colleagues have made me feel so welcome, and very much a valued member of the team. With Vizulate being made up of only five people, I feel that this small network has allowed me to gain invaluable support and guidance.

My role at Vizulate has already brought me many wonderful opportunities to meet new people and learn new skills, and I’m only 3 months in!

Let’s go back to the start

So, let’s go back to the start. I started my placement on 1st August this year, I was of course extremely nervous at the prospect of starting a yearlong full-time placement, but equally as excited.

I was very lucky that I wasn’t exactly ‘thrown in at the deep end’, and I got chance to learn a bit more about digital marketing, the B2B marketing industry, Vizulate clients, and just generally what Vizulate do.

I am extremely thankful for this transition period as it really allowed me to find my feet and made me feel comfortable going forward.

I quickly learned that working in a digital marketing agency is pretty awesome. Being an agency means dealing with a number of clients, which means learning a lot about different industries, and this means every day is different.

My role

So, what does my role here at Vizulate actually entail?

I do numerous things, to name a few, I do content marketing, I manage multiple social media accounts, I create email campaigns and I create videos for social media using a tool called Reevio. I do this for both Vizulate and our clients.

The content marketing I have produced for one client, in particular, Vergo, has contributed greatly to their search engine rankings increasing significantly. Vergo’s main target keyword is ‘DSE Assessments, and before we started working with Vergo their website was ranking on page 7 of the Google search results, I am pleased to say that Vergo are now ranked on page 2. This is a climb of 5 pages and 50 positions – in just 3 months The aim is to get Vergo ranking on page 1 of the search engine results by January.

In the 3 months I have been here, I have been able to grow our Instagram account from 150 followers to 350. My goal is to get Vizulate to 1,000 followers by the end of my placement in August.

As well as this, I have had the opportunity to attend new and existing client meetings and attend and help with client events. This has helped me improve my networking and communication skills.

My favourite experience so far

I think it’s safe to say that my placement year has been a great experience so far. However, one of the most exciting experiences for me so far was being able to attend a BBC Radio Leeds where I got to see a live radio interview hosted by Stephanie Hirst.

The future

During my time on placement, I am offered time to take online courses and expand my digital marketing skills and knowledge, and I am currently working to become Google Certified in Google Analytics.

I am very excited to continue on my placement journey and I believe I will continue to learn invaluable skills and knowledge that will benefit me greatly in my last year at university, and in my chosen career.