Mollie Completes Placement Year

(and a bit)!

Our Digital Marketing Administrator Mollie Haley-Earnshaw has completed her placement year at Vizulate Digital and will be returning to the University of Huddersfield to complete the final year of her Advertising and Marketing Communications (BA) Hons degree next month.

Mollie extended her stay with us to 14 months as she worked through the summer and, as her university course schedule allows,  will, in fact, be still working for Vizulate one day a week during her final year of studies.

Speaking about her 14 months with the company, Vizulate Director Scott Brant said: “Mollie has really impressed during her time with us. She has learnt a lot about working life as well as so many new digital marketing skills during the last 14 months which will benefit her in her chosen career, however, she also proved to be a real asset for the business here too.

“In a small business in an industry like this it can be all hands to the pump during busy periods, Mollie’s attitude and her willingness to throw herself into any task was really appreciated.”

As well as working on the agency’s own website, social media and email marketing, Mollie also worked on behalf of many of our biggest clients including, Freeklime, Parker Howley Bespoke Furniture, Ventas Sales, VergoUK, and JB Springs.

Speaking about her time at Vizulate, Mollie said:  “I have really loved my time at Vizulate as a placement student. I have learnt so much and I am looking forward to coming back on Mondays!”