B2C Social Media Ad Campaigns Launched For Two Clients

Parker Howley & Freeklime

This month we launched several social media ad campaigns for two very different businesses, and at different stages in their growth.

For Freeklime, a brand new dedicated bouldering centre opening in Huddersfield next month, the goal was to increase awareness of the brand and the centre’s opening to their target demographic in and around Huddersfield, Kirklees, and Calderdale initially. A second campaign was also launched to encourage people to sign up for further updates via their newsletter.

Parker Howley & Co., an established and fast growing bespoke furniture manufacturer based in Mirfield, was looking to increase its brand awareness nationally, while simultaneously increasing sales through an e-commerce website they launched earlier this year.

All campaigns were launched on Facebook and its Instagram platform.

Speaking about the recent surge in digital ad spend at Vizulate, director Scott Brant said: “We have seen a significant shift by businesses who are now favouring Google Ads and social media ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, over a content marketing strategy utilising blogs, email campaigns, e-books and downloads, to engage their audience with – where the return on investment can be slower and potentially harder to attribute.

“In an ideal world of course I still believe that businesses should be doing both, but I do feel that there is an abundance of content out there and it is becoming increasingly difficult to rise above the noise. If businesses are able to generate a positive return on their investment in Google Ads and Facebook Ads alone then of course that’s where they should be focusing their efforts and budget.”