Advanced Website SEO Audit

Even when your website is found by visitors, engaging with them and converting them to paying customers can be a challenge. Did you know that webpage speed can affect your website’s search engine ranking? Not only that, a fast page load enhances visitor engagement, retention, and conversion rates, while every 1 second delay in page load decreases customer satisfaction by 16%, and conversion rates by 7%*.

Advanced SEO Audit

The site might look great and provide all the information your potential customers need, but if it’s too hard to find then they’ll leave and all your hard work in getting them there is wasted.

Our Advanced Website SEO Audit provides detailed insight in to how your website ranks for all your keywords compared to your competitors, along with analysis of the performance of your website, user experience (speed, mobile-friendliness), traffic volumes, content, engagement and conversion. It will offer actionable advice to not only improve your website’s search engine visibility, but also how to better engage with your visitors and ultimately convert them into customers.

Our Advanced Website SEO Audit includes a report covering each section below, highlighting the positives and negatives along with detailed recommendations on corrections and improvements…

  • Website Analysis – Structure, Layout, Navigation, Landing Pages, Calls to Action, Usability, Mobile, Social, Links and Content.
  • Search – Keyword Rankings, Traffic and other SEO factors.
  • Competitors – We conduct a similar analysis on your competitors’ websites and compare the findings with those for your own website.
  • Analytics1 – Traffic Sources, Volume and Quality, and Conversions.
  • Cross Channel Analysis – Activity, Content, Engagement and Conversions from Social Media, Email and other channels.
  • E-commerce1 – Shop and Cart Activity, Conversions.
  1. Requires access to relevant analytics data

**Aberdeen Group


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